Our Philosophy

AUM aims at educating its students to become well-rounded leaders and entrepreneurs. The University seeks to equip its students with a solid intellectual and academic foundation supported by career-specific skills, professional behavior and ethical values.

AUM students will acquire their knowledge through a holistic Learner Centered Approach, combining theory with application. Students are involved in applied research in both industrial and social areas, aiming to develop their ability to conduct original, independent and critical thinking focused research.

The AUM curriculum is a reflection of its educational philosophy. The University curriculum is composed of four compatible and integrated components that aim to provide the student with a holistic learning experience. These components are:

1- The Theoretical & Intellectual Component — To provide students with a strong academic foundation and develop students’ conceptual and intellectual abilities.

2- The Practical & Application Component — To develop students’ proficiency and equip students with practical skills and a solid implementation plan of those skills.

3- The Leadership & Self-Development Component — To develop behavioral, interpersonal and organizational skills in addition to promoting a positive attitude among students.

4- The Research Component — To develop an original, independent and critical thinking approach. By implementing the scientific method, students use applied research specifically designed to facilitate the interaction of AUM students with industry and society. Faculty members’ experience and involvement in this research are essential in guiding students through the process of discovery, interpretation and the development of methods and systems.