AUM Featured at the Kuwait International Nanotechnology Conference & Exhibitions 2016

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AUM shows great pride in its proactive Engineering Faculty body who have participated in the Kuwait International Nanotechnology Conference & Exhibition between 9th & 11th of February 2016. AUM’s very own Dr. Ali E. Abdou was a keynote speaker, invited to co-chair discussions & workshops with renowned scientists targeting young researchers & undergraduate students.

The Conference involved a tremendous exchange of knowledge when bringing GCC & International experts together. Discussions have revolved around the latest innovations in nanotechnology education and its applications in science and technology. The conference has also featured AUM through the research overview of:

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  • Dr. Ali E. Abdou – Plasma Enables Silicon Based Nanotechnology
  • Dr. Bilal Jabakhanji – Graphene Nanotechnology for Energy storage Devices
  • Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed – Numerical Study of Laminar Flow Heat Transfer of Al2O3 and CuO Nanofluids in the Flat Tube of a Radiator
  • Dr. Mohamed Hefeida – A Stochastic Model for Estimating Interconnection Lengths in Nanoscale Circuits
  • Dr. Morteza Mohammadzaheri – Nanopositions, Current State and Future Perspective
  • Dr. Taha Beyrouthy – Towards High Performance and Natively Secured Programmable Logic Block Using Advanced CMOS and Nanotechnology
  • Dr. Yahya Lakys – Nano-Spintronics Crossbar based Reconfigurable Logic Circuit and Architecture

These valuable contributions & presentations will open wide research opportunities for Kuwait and the region. AUM College of Engineering and Technology supports our Faculty’s interest in the increased importance of Nanotechnology for the future.

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