AUM Participates in the Qurain Culture Festival

AUM has participated in the Qurain Culture Festival on the 23rd of January 2016, which is Kuwait’s leading annual art festival. It is sponsored by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters – Kuwait’s purpose is to enhance the artistic and cultural movement in Kuwait.
AUM was represented by 8 Students from the Art Club with 13 works and 4 Students from the Art & Design courses with 8 artworks. AUM values art tremendously and believes in its role to complement a well-rounded professional. Through the Liberal Arts Department and extracurricular activities like the Art Club, AUM is striving to create professionals that are conscious of their role and appreciate the human aspect of creating for and within society. Our students’ participation and efforts are a direct result of that belief.
Art Club Students:
Danah AlQahtani
Ahmad AlMastaki
Ghadeer AlMesri
Shahad AlShammari
Art & Design Course:
We are very proud of all our students. This marks the first time that our course students break into the national stage and display their work and compete with known experienced artists. It is a great achievement that most of these students have started pursuing this talent inside AUM and have managed to reach such levels of professionalism in a short period of time. We would also like to congratulate Ms Ghadeer Al Haddad for being recognized as one of the top ten artists of Kuwait. Ms.Ghadeer wowed the judges with her unique and remarkable art piece. We wish her and the rest more accomplishments in future projects.