AUM Robotics Club & Real Time Kuwait Festivities


At AUM, Robotics is the university’s leading-edge club in developing Robotic technologies and competing in competitions on and off campus. Aside from all the achievements the club has harvest till today, such as participating at the GCC Robotics Challenge regionally and winning, the club members have unanimously organized a full day of activities related to robots with a real time Kuwaiti National theme that befit the occasion of the National Liberation Day.

In the midst of AUM hallways, club members set up the GCC map as a mock-up of Kuwait towers was bedazzled with glitter. Multiple other slopes, puzzles and mazes were also put up for other students to get a real time know-how of robots and their movement. Club members answered all questions related to how the robots were built, connected and tested, while students took part in games and won gift vouchers.

A great number of interested students signed up for the club after testing the machines themselves.

Robot01 Robot02 Robot03 Robot05