Dr. Tariq Al-Duwaisan Lectures Our Engineers

On Thursday 21st November, 2013, Aum Engineering Society invited the second guest lecturer of this year. Dr. Tariq Al-duwaisan, came to give a lecture about Industrial Engineering. A large number of engineering students attended and were interested in what Professor DR. Tariq had to say. Dr. Tariq started off by introducing himself to those who were not familiar with him, his current position, and his education. He then talked about the definition of Industrial Engineering, difference between Industrial and other concentrations of Engineering. What and where an Industrial Engineer can work as, as well as the major role he/she can play in the development of the country. He also covered potential graduate school destinations and courses they can take. He simply defined the role of an industrial engineer as the one who ensures that the goals and objectives of the labor system are met in accordance with the specific targets and standards using specific methods and tools. Dr. Tariq encourages students to work in areas where they can really apply what they are currently studying at AUM.