The purpose of the leadership module is to instill in managers the foundational knowledge, skills, tools and best practices needed to be effective supervisors/leaders. The course seeks to provide an understanding of the behaviors that a supervisor/leader must engage in to drive results.

After completing this module, participants will have a better understanding of what is required to be an effective front-line leader with an improved set of skills to fulfill that role. It will also provide requisite leadership skills to advance to higher levels of leadership within an organization. Specifically, the following objectives will serve as the cornerstones of the module:

  • To effectively implement goal-setting programs
  • To gain skills for giving and receiving formal and informal feedback
  • To improve conversations with subordinates on their potential and to help them create personal development plans with the goal of mentoring and developing their employees for success
  • To learn how to better motivate employees using a comprehensive motivational framework with the goal of achieving superior performance
  • To obtain best practices and techniques for effective communication
  • To be adept at identifying sources of conflict approaches for creating constructive conflict, and minimizing or resolving destructive conflict
  • To improve skills for conducting a written performance appraisal and performance appraisal meeting
  • To learn about ways to reward and incentivize employees
  • To increase leadership skills including delegation, decision-making, and awareness of various leadership approaches and techniques (e.g., situational, transformational, servant)
Who is Right for the Program?

Seminar is geared towards all levels of executives who are looking to improve leadership skills and to understand the best practices that can boost your leadership potential.


Dr. David Schoorman, Associate Dean of Executive Education at Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, Indiana (USA) will be conducting this course.

Program Outline

Seminar material coverage is designed to approximate a graduate level course in Executive Leadership with emphasis on practical considerations faced in the corporate world.

Day One
  • Strategic Versus Relational Leadership
  • Case Analysis in Strategic Leadership
Day Two
  • Relational Leadership
  • Case Analysis in Relational Leadership
Day Three
  • Leadership and Power
  • Stewardship as a theory of Leadership
Course Fees

The 3 day Leadership Seminar fee is KD 1,800 per person.


All participants in the Executive Education Program should have proficiency in written and spoken English.