New Year’s Expo 2016

The AUM Business Society held a two day event entitled 2016 New Year’s Expo on the 28th and the 29th of December 2015.

The 2016 New Year’s Expo event was an outstanding stage event hosted by the society members with several musical performances. The main performance of the event was the talented local singer Mutref Al- Mutref. In addition our talented student Ali Al Suwaidan who performed to his fellow university friends.

The extension of the event which was held near the football field where there were 45 booths where our students and local businesses that showcased their products. It was a sociable environment of activities, delicious food, and handmade accessories proving the event a success.

We are very proud of our Business Society Members for organizing such an event for our students. It showed a lot of hard work and commitment, it was reflected by the amount of students that attended those two nights.new2new3new4new5new6new7new8new9new10new11new12new13new14new15