Our AUM’ers at the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS)

On Monday, December 14th 2015, the American University of the Middle East celebrated its fresh graduates Sharifa Bouftain, Aisha Al Ansari and Eiman Almumen at the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) 7th graduation commencement for the completion of the IBM Management Information System (MIS) Training Program for Kuwaiti Graduates.

This program is an annual project for the PIFSS since 2009 and aims to give fresh graduates a set of beneficial skills that enables them to integrate rapidly into the workplace. AUM students were amongst the 21 chosen elite students from around 60 candidates. Up until today, PIFSS has graduated 340 select students from various public and private Kuwaiti universities. During the ceremony, Mr. Hamad Al Homeidi, General Manager of PIFSS, addressed the graduates saying “… you are the product of our knowledge and the source of our power”, expressing the ample responsibility his institution has taken upon itself to prepare the Kuwaiti youth for the fast paced globalized market in order to enhance their technical skills and think creatively.

It is important to mention that IBM (International Business Machines) MENA has been a proud partner in this program for 7 years, coordinated by Mr. Husam Bader, IBM Education Service Manager – MENA. Mr. Bader along with many professional trainers have intensively trained the students every day for 7 consecutive months, of which two weeks were in the UAE. The training involved topics such as: Business Analysis, Product Management, Coding, Documentation, Communication Skills and other soft skills in an environment of teamwork.

AUM looks forward to seeing its bright students and graduates discover their horizons in the workplace.