Poetry Reading Event By the AUM Engineering Society

The Engineering and Technology Society held a poetry reading event in corporation with a youth charity foundation on November 26th, 2014. It was held at the AUM Tawteen seminar room with a high attendance rate as students were filling up the venue quickly with no lack in excitement. The three poets who read during this event were ‘Majed Al Dihani’ , ‘Mishaal AL Zeibi’ and ‘ Hamdan AL Dihani’. They spoke about a variety of topics that related to students interests, some of which were the latest trends, social media and how people are attached to it, and some motivational and inspiring speeches. The poetry was read in informal Arabic to relate more with the younger generation, and to add humour to some of the topics.
“We are glad that we got so many attendees and knowing that the students have enjoyed this event and are looking forward to holding similar events.”
– Sarah Al Awadh, Engineering and Technology Society member.