The 2015 AUM Marathon

The 2015 AUM Marathon was a great success, thanks to all our students, staff, and faculty. Whether runners or supporters, everyone came with the purpose of engaging in the event. The 2015 AUM Marathon took place on our Olympic track with the goal of completing 6 laps (2.4Km). The runners were split into 4 categories. The staff and faculty race took off followed by the men’s student race and closing with the women’s student race. We had numerous health and fitness companies participate in the event and offer our runners energy bars at the end of each race along with many giveaways to everyone who attended in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.
Each runner was given a certificate for completing the race and were able to track their race times to see how they performed, compared to their friends and other runners. The closing ceremony crowned the top 3 winners of each race.