Top AUM Engineering Students Selected to Participate in General Electric (GE) Innovation Competition

The Engineering Innovation Forum is organized by the college of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University, with the objective of producing recommendations on how to develop interest in engineering and science among youth in Kuwait. This year`s forum witnessed the first participation of AUM`s students and Faculty.
Five top AUM Engineering students have been selected to participate in the innovation competition organized by General Electric (GE), who is the innovation partner in the Forum. The 5 AUM students along with 20 other students from Kuwaiti higher education institutions have been divided into 5 teams. Each team was assigned an innovation problem by GE team, to come up with a solution and present it by the end of the second day and the forum. The best solution will be awarded the Best Engineering Innovation Award by GE. Our students, along with their team mates have worked until 10:30 pm on the first day, and started working again at 8:30 am on the second day.
They have shown the demonstrated their quality, dedication, and team spirit in approaching and coming up with solutions to real-life problems. Although by the end of the day, only one of them will receive the award, but the 5 of them have shown the capabilities of AUM students and have made us all proud.
Our students are Boshra Badran and Walaa Kabbani from Computer Engineering, Hussein Dashti from Information Technology, Dana Farhat from Industrial Engineering, and Mohammad Ftouni from Electrical Engineering.