Top Information Technology(IT) and Telecomunications Networking Technology(TNT) Students Selected to Visit Ooredoo Headquarters

The top students majoring in Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications and Networking Technology were invited by Ooredoo Telecommunications company to visit their headquarters on Thursday May 14th. The trip was intended to enlighten the students about their career opportunities in the telecommunication field. The CTO of Ooredoo welcomed our students and proceeded to briefly explain the technology and structure needed in their company, as well as the importance of quality assurance and security in Ooredoo. The students were informed by the Director of Network Operations about each teams role in their IT and Engineering departments.
Mr. Mahmoud Bahbehani, the Manager of BSSRAN at Ooredoo proceeded to explain in detail what is necessary today for telecommunication and networking in Kuwait and the procedures needed to install a telecommunication tower. Once the information session was complete, the students were taken on a tour ending in the Ooredoo data center room.