Alumni Week at AUM

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) organized an «Alumni Week » event on its campus from the 20th until the 24th of October 2019.

The full week event featured successful alumni who established their own companies where they networked with the students and got the chance to promote their services.

The campus also saw the homecoming of two of its distinguished alumni, Mr. Shaheen AlKhudary, Founder of Ajar Online, and Ms. Aisha AlWayel, Founder and Chief Talent Recruiter of Aspire Web (Matloob App), who shared their experience of launching their startups with the students.

Shaheen AlKhudary: the MBA at AUM connected the dots in my project

Alumni Shaheen AlKhudary conveyed his joy in participating in the “Alumni Week” and highlighted how the university changed since his graduation in 2010.

AlKhudary discussed with the students how the MBA had a significant impact on his work in the private sector and in developing a business plan for his company “Ajar Online”, helping it achieve its objective of expanding outside Kuwait. He also talked about the growth stages of his company, which reached more than 28,000 users.

He also highlighted how the MBA was beneficial in connecting the dots between what is learned and what is applied, whether you are working in a company or launching your own startup.

Ms. Aisha Al Wayel: “Competition can help you stand out”

AlWayel expressed her happiness to be back to AUM noting that the continuous achievements made by the university make her proud to be an AUM graduate.

She also talked in-depth about her project “Aspire Web” which is currently providing consultancy, recruitment, and training services to many companies from the private and public sectors, including 5 large corporations.

AlWayel stressed out on the challenges she faced in the first stages of establishing her company such as market restrictions, competition, and clients. She highlighted how the MBA at AUM contributed heavily to overcome those obstacles.

She encouraged the students who would like to be entrepreneurs not to procrastinate and to start now. In addition, she advised them to take the existence of the competition as an advantage because it will help them discover their strengths and weaknesses, which are valuable insights to improve and standout.