Alumni Services

Tawteen assists AUM Alumni in their career decision making process and helps them secure job opportunities at different companies around Kuwait.

Tawteen has witnessed the journey and growth of AUM Alumni network over the past few years and helped them grow professionally. Our Alumni network has been growing rapidly starting with 50 graduates in 2011/2012, 226 graduates in 2012/2013, 234 graduates in 2013/2014, 424 graduates in 2014/2015 to 553 graduates in 2015/2016.

As per the significant growth of our Alumni network, AUM is honored to continue Tawteen’s mission in helping our recent 840 graduates of 2016/2017 and future Alumni in exploring their career options and finding the suitable job opportunities the market can offer.

If you are an AUM Alumni looking to find your first job or thinking about a career shift, our team will be able to assist you with these career services:

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for a job opportunity or an AUM Alumni looking to hire top talents, you can login to our online portals to find and/or post jobs.
Download the Graduates Guide to learn more about job search strategies, techniques of writing a winning CV, and tips on how to prepare for a job interview.
Get the opportunity to practice and gain a more solid understanding of the interview etiquette and skills required to undergo a successful job interview. Mock interviews will help you increase your confidence level during actual job interviews.
Get the chance to participate in On Campus Recruitment interviews and attend information sessions conducted by representatives from various organizations throughout the year.
We offer a wide range of services to help you find the career that best fits your values, interests, personality and skills. Contact us to book an appointment with one of our career mentors for assistance with any of the services that are available for you:

  • Career counseling session
  • Resume writing and/or critique session
  • Evaluating a job offer
  • Career interest assessment

Other Services:

  • Request official documents (Recommendation letters, certificates, transcripts)
  • Apply for Alumni ID
  • Alumni Benefits
  • Alumni News & Events