AUM Academic Fair: The Vision of a New Generation

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) held its 2018 Academic Fair on Wednesday 19 December at AUM Cultural Center. The exhibition included student graduation projects and various innovative ideas.

Students from the College of Engineering and Technology introduced the latest technology and electronics in the field of engineering and robotics. They presented distinctive projects such as a robot for interpretation, Pepper the first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions, Traffic controller system and prevention of road accidents, solar car design, solar panels for house energy storage and sale, Wireless communication systems, 3D game to teach children mathematics, renewable energy and others.

While students from the College of Business Administration introduced applications and systems used to help companies increase sales by developing management models and data analysis. They also developed their own projects such as an electronic mirror that helps people pick out clothes and do exercises, electronic garment design machine. They also prepared marketing plans, research papers and case studies for several commercial companies.

On the other hand, students from the Department of Liberal Arts highlighted many social problems such as racism, child education, and other social scourges. Furthermore, they presented solutions that could be fundamental for society development. Students also presented projects on human health and modern methods to prevent diseases.

The academic fair included an art exhibition featuring 25 paintings handpicked from a collection of artistic works made by students, which unveil student hidden artistic and creative talents. Music also had its share in the exhibition as students from the music club played various pieces.

AUM Academic Fair is a yearly event that gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents, develop their knowledge and apply what they’ve learned during the academic year.

AUM Fair offers a platform for students’ abilities

During the event, the organizers considered that the academic fair has an important role in enabling students to enter the labor market, and thus encourage them to think in an innovative way to create non-traditional projects and ideas that contribute to the advancement of Kuwaiti and other societies.

They noted that the exhibition is a real opportunity for students to demonstrate their abilities and exchange ideas with professors and colleagues to prove their negotiation, communication and teamwork skills.

AUM Academic Fair… the vision of a new generation

For their part, students highlighted the importance of participating in the academic fair, which is a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, pointing out that the projects reflect their attitudes and vision as a new generation seeking to develop technology and knowledge.

Students also discussed the skills they acquired during the preparation of projects gaining extensive experience in managing tasks. The participants noted the support provided by the university and faculty members in particular, which provided them with the latest equipment to keep abreast of technological developments and necessary means for success.