AUM: an Integrated Educational Campus

Within the last 10 years, the American University of the Middle East (AUM) became a landmark in the private education sector in Kuwait and the region through its curricula, its integrated campus and its educational philosophy based on building all aspects of the students’ personality and developing their skills and abilities in various fields.

AUM campus comprises buildings of Engineering and Technology and Business faculties. The Engineering and Technology department offers the following programs: Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Information Systems and Technology, Telecommunications and Networking Technology. The College of Business offers several academic programs in: Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Modern Library

AUM campus also includes a state of the art library that offers a wide range of scientific data and references. It also provides a rich collection of print and electronic resources, HD cinema for research and documentaries, meeting rooms for student projects and teamwork.
The textbook collection contains numerous online databases for research with on-campus and off-campus access.

AUM Sports Center

AUM also has a sports center equipped with the latest technology that gives students access to a wide range of sporting facilities, including a full-size court for basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, handball and a multi-purpose aerobics halls for lower impact athletic purposes. The center also includes fully equipped gyms for individual exercise and physical activity.

In addition, the extensive outdoor facilities are built around the outstanding FIFA approved football pitch, with basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis court, 400 meter running track and an 800 meter cycling track.

AUM Cultural Center

On the cultural front, the University has established a cultural center to enhance the students’ personality and develop their talents. The center holds an opera center that accommodates over 1500 persons and is designed to meet the highest standards of international opera theaters, seminar halls, in addition to a conference center providing a range of integrated hosting services events, as well as a spacious hall to host art events and workshops.

AUM Research & Innovation Center

In addition, AUM has recently developed a Research and Innovation center that includes a fully equipped robotics research center, and consists of five main areas: Fabrication Facility, Motion Capture and Aerial, Humanoid Research Lab and Robotics Club Workshop.

The humanoid lab which is equipped with the latest humanoid research development platforms such as NAO, Pepper, and UXA 90 Robot Builder.

The Research and Innovation center comprises also a Nanotechnology Research Center, which was established in collaboration with the University of Purdue in the United States.

AUM Career Development Center

In order to better pursue students and graduates and help them build a successful career, the American University of the Middle East hosts a career development center that provides training and career guidance services to students through lectures and workshops on leadership, communication, initiative skills, as well as other events organized throughout the year. The Center seeks to build a close relationship with the companies and institutions operating in Kuwait to fill the gap between educational curricula and the requirements of the labor market.