AUM Basketball Teams Crowned UAAK Champions

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) male and female basketball teams won the UAAK basketball league in the final games held at AUM campus.

In a first-of-its-kind achievement, AUM basketball teams were able to reach the finals without any loss throughout the league.

AUM women’s basketball team overcame the GUST team with a score of 39-29, while AUM male team won the UAAK basketball league following an 80-74 victory over AOU team.

AUM female basketball team includes students: Khadeejah Qatabaldeen, Lamees AlDawoud, Nourah AlFulaij, Basant Abdulrouf, Shouq Alsuraihi, Farah Al-Suraihi, Salwa AlHebail, Manayer AlSanousi, Daneh Vojdani, Dalal Al Shatti, Alyaa Zwaid, Hanan AlKandari. Meanwhile, the AUM male basketball team includes students: Mohammad Abbas, Jasem AlTemimi, Salem AlSurour, Mohammad Alenzi, Abdulla BuGmasha, Saud AlFares, Abdullah Bushehri, Mohammad Borhamah, Hussain Ashkanani, Aziz Ramadhan, Eissa Alasousi, Mohammad Hasan, Dhari AlAthri, Mohammad Yousef, and Hamad AlFares.

Following the games, teams’ coach Srdjan Mijanovic said: “Both AUM teams deserved to win because of students’ perseverance. Technical training skills, strategic planning and players’ physical aptitudes contributed greatly to their success. In addition, specialized instructors supervised students’ trainings”.

Mijanovic emphasized on the motivation players have shown throughout the league for them to become a model of an outstanding AUM student who seeks highest levels in all fields.

On her part, the captain of the women’s basketball team Khadija Qatabaldeen took pride in this win pointing out that the team played a great game and deserved to win.

Qatabaldeen also praised the environment offered at AUM that focuses on students’ wellbeing and helps them develop their skills in the best possible way to face challenges and competitions while adopting a professional attitude and displaying good sportsmanship.

Qatabaldeen thanked all team members for their efforts to reach the finals and thanked the coaches and AUM for their support and contribution to the team’s success.

The captain of AUM’s male basketball team Hussain Ashkanani, considered that the victory achieved by his team is the result of teamwork and the intensive training they underwent with the coaches.

Ashkanani added: “The University is not only an academic campus, it is an integral part and a fundamental stage in our lives. We will always strive to achieve success and raise our university’s name high. Today we dedicate this victory to AUM’s management and to our colleagues, hoping that we will keep on achieving and succeeding”.