AUM breaks Guinness World Record for the Largest Shirt Mosaic (Flag)

On the occasion of the Kuwait National Holidays, students of the American University of the Middle East (AUM) broke a Guinness World Record by creating the largest shirt mosaic (flag) on February 18, 2019.

The 5,160 shirts used by a group of students to build the flag on a 1,570.554 square meters of the football field at AUM campus will be all donated to charitable organizations.

An official representative from Guinness World Records, Mr. Ahmad Jaber, was invited to review the process and register this record.

During the ceremony, Mr. Jaber confirmed that all guidelines have been met and AUM was able to set a new record for the largest shirt mosaic (flag) on an area of 1570.554 square meters. “AUM you are officially amazing. Congratulations”, he said.

Mr. Jaber pointed out that AUM students were able to achieve their goal and break the record, which is impressive. “AUM team did a great job and they facilitated our mission due to their organized work process and the adherence to Guinness standards”, he added.

He left students with a message “keep going and do your best to achieve your goals and break records in your life and you shall be an example for everyone”.

On the other hand, the event organizers noted that this achievement by AUM students reflects their determination for raising the name of Kuwait high and highlights their patriotism.

They also stated that this initiative combines both national and humanitarian dimensions, as the students will be donating the shirts to several charities.