AUM Career Fair 2019 Hosts 48 Local and International Companies

The Career Development and Recruitment Center at the American University of the Middle East (AUM) held its sixth annual Career Fair with the participation of 48 local and international leading companies.

The main purpose behind the career fair is to build a sustainable relationship between the university and the job market by introducing students and graduates to the private sector and granting them access to find current or future job opportunities.

The career fair included presentations introducing the participating companies, and the human resources department of some leading companies held on-the-spot interviews with the students and graduates for current vacancies available.

The companies’ representatives commended the academic level and various skills of AUM students, which distinguish them from other students and graduates.

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

Mr. Mubarak AlEnezi, Senior Recruitment Officer at NBK, commented that the bank is always keen to participate in AUM’s Career Fair for its confidence in the skills and capabilities of the students at both the academic and practical levels. He also commended the work of the Career Development & Recruitment Center and its outstanding performance.


Mr. Khaled Arhameh, From Zain’s Human Resources Department, pointed out that this is the fifth consecutive participation for the company in AUM’s Career Fair due to its importance in attracting distinguished students and graduates. He also added that there are many AUM graduates working at Zain because of their qualifications especially in the fields of Human Resources and Marketing.

Burgan Bank

Ms. Rasha Azab, Senior Recruiter at Burgan, said that the bank participated several times in AUM’s job fairs and recruited graduates who demonstrated a high level of commitment, effort and precision at the workplace.

Baker Hughes

HR Manager, Ms. Amani Qishawi, explained that the objectives behind Baker Hughes’ participation are to introduce students to the company and its scope of work, and to attract professional talents. She also noted that AUM students possess these talents, while pointing out that the company supports female students and seeks to integrate them into the workforce within the scope of empowering female engineers in the community.

State Audit Bureau of Kuwait

Manpower Planning Coordinator at the State Audit Bureau of Kuwait, Ms. Dalal AlQalaf, mentioned that the bureau seeks to attract young professionals from certain disciplines as a result of their belief in the skills of AUM students and their ability to provide new ideas that contribute to the development and advancement of the sector.

Alghanim Industries

Mr. Riccardo Martelli, Senior Manager – Talent Acquisition, considered that Alghanim industries’ participation is very important because the company is continuously looking for young talents who possess a new and unique vision.

He also pointed out that recruiting and training qualified graduates is part of the company’s mission noting that there are a lot of job opportunities at Alghanim in all areas for the qualified and innovative.

Commenting on the exhibition, Martelli said that such level of organization reflects the high standards offered by the university to its students and visitors.


Ms. Aseel Al-Nahhas from Honeywell’s Recruitment Department highlighted that this is the company’s first participation at AUM Career Fair and it is considered an important step to attract fresh graduates who have a fresh vision. She also added that it is an opportunity for them to get to know the students and introduce them to the company.

Al-Nahas also pointed out that questions posed by the students reflect the high level of knowledge they gained at the university and their motivation to enter the workforce.

AlHamra Economic Consulting

CEO of AlHamra Economic Consulting, Mr. AbdulWahab Al Hajji, said that the participation in this job fair gives added value to both the company and the students and graduates of AUM. The company benefits from the distinctive talents of youth and trains them in the field and through workshops and preparatory programs. He also highlighted that AUM students are diligent and proficient in their specializations due to the level of education and skills they acquire at the university.

Jazeera Airways

Human Resources Manager at Jazeera Airways, Mr. Munther Asaad, stressed the importance of attracting young graduates, especially from AUM, since they are considered from the best in Kuwait. The reason for that, he added, is that they have the knowledge and skills to communicate and deal with customers, which are qualifications the company seeks in candidates so they train and help them develop their talents further.

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Mr. Fadel Al-Jazaf, Head of Recruitment at Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, said that the bank is always keen on recruiting AUM students due to their unique skills such as speech, communication and customer relationship.

Al-Jazaf spoke highly of AUM campus and the facilities offered to students and complimented the work and commitment of the team at the Career Development & Recruitment Center.


Kuwaitization Coordinator, Ms. Bashayer Alshaheen, said that the company is interested in attracting the most distinguished engineering graduates and pointed out that AUM graduates have unique skills. In addition, Alshaheen thanked the university for its interest in training students and providing them with fundamental and applied knowledge, which reflect a high educational level.

Kuwait Finance House

Talent Acquisition Officer at KFH, Mr. Yousef Bader Al Dafiri, expressed KFH’s keenness to attract qualified graduates and integrate them into the institution, which provides many job opportunities. He also highlighted that AUM students are very distinguished which makes them demanded in the job market.

Al-Dhafiri also expressed that KFH demands skills present in AUM students such as teamwork and communication, in addition to their English language proficiency, which became necessary in institutions that seek to advance and attract foreign clients.

Al-Babtain Group

Mr. Ahmed Zaidan, Group Recruitment Manager at Al Babtain Group, explained that in addition to seeking to recruit competent people in all fields especially in marketing, Al-Babtain Group aims to introduce students to its scope of work and the services they provide. He also considered that AUM students are the new generation that is looking to constantly develop and improve.

Ahli United Bank

Supervisor – Compensation & Benefits at Ahli United Bank, Mr. Mansoor Behbehani, noted that the bank seeks in its participation to discover competent students and fresh graduates to recruit, train, in addition to develop their skills and guide them in the fields they excel in.

AUM Graduates Represent their Employers

The AUM Career Fair saw many AUM alumni take part as representatives of the companies they are working in. Mr. Salem AlSalem who currently works at the Human Resources department of Burgan Bank, spoke about his successful work experience as a result of the skills he gained at AUM through workshops and training courses.

Mr. Hamad AlBader, Recruitment Supervisor at Boubyan bank introduced the bank’s services and the available job opportunities to AUM students. “The bank is keen on participating every year in the AUM Career Fair, especially since AUM students are distinguished and able to work under pressure and within a team. The education I received at the university, in addition to the workshops at the bank, were the foundation for achieving success in my career”, he said.

Mr. Rakan Al-Jadaan who works in the Human Resources Department at VIVA considered that what he gained at AUM made him get ahead of other candidates when applying for the job, especially the communication and negotiation skills, which helped him during his interviews. Al-Jadaan also expressed his happiness in his presence at AUM to attract new and creative talents, pointing out that a company as distinguished as Viva requires bright graduates as AUM’s.

Ms. Shahad Sheer, Industrial Engineer at Baker Hughes, talked about the three-year training program she had with the company and how she passed the tests successfully because of the skills gained from the workshops and training at AUM that helped her develop her engineering skills and strengthen her self-confidence.

In her turn, Ms. Sarah Hayati, Industrial Engineer at Halliburton, noted that her success and progress at work is the result of her persistence to continuously learn new things and her perseverance to achieve her dream. She called on students not to surrender because getting to the top requires a lot of effort.

Lead Auditor at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait and AUM MBA student, Ms. Fatimah Al-Attar considered that AUM’s quality education was the reason for her to be selected for a training workshop in Germany. She also highlighted that the communication skills she gained at AUM were very important to her especially in advancing in her professional life and increasing her self-confidence. Al-Attar thanked AUM for all what it offers to students, especially the continuous follow-up after graduation and effort to provide them with job opportunities through its Career Development & Recruitment Center.

Career Development and Recruitment Center: Continuous Follow-up with Students and Graduates

AUM is organizing this exhibition annually, due to its importance in introducing students to the private sector, and to the local and international companies present in Kuwait in various fields, in addition to the demand of the job market and the available job opportunities.

Year after year, the fair sees a greater number of companies, which confirms the success of AUM graduates in their work and is a proof of their excellence and creativity.

The career fair puts students in direct contact with companies, who in turn gets the chance to get to know the students and their potential. What distinguishes the exhibition this year is the direct interviews conducted between the HR and the students and graduates, which increase their chance in being hired in a short period of time.

AUM’s Career Development and Recruitment Center is constantly seeking to build a good relationship with the job market to fill the gap between the educational curricula and market requirements, in addition to helping students acquire the most important skills that make them stand out. The center is also keen on continuously following up with graduates to stay in touch and assist them in finding the opportunities they are seeking.