AUM Concludes STARTAPP & INNOVATE competition for High School Students

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) organized the final round of STARTAPP & INNOVATE competition for high school students in Kuwait. The competition took place at AUM Cultural Center.

Competition participants showcased their communication skills and their ability to discuss their views in a clear and convincing fashion before a panel of experts.

A commitment to raising the bar in higher educational

Head of AUM student affairs Amal Taqi noted that the American University of the Middle East is always seeking to encourage the new generation to find innovative and creative ideas that contribute to the development of Kuwaiti society. She added that high school students have presented projects that demonstrate their ability to excel and find effective solutions to real world problems in both engineering and business.

“The American University of the Middle East is keen on raising the level in higher education and motivate Kuwaiti students since they are builders of the future,” Taqi said.

For their part, jury members oversaw participants’ work and commanded the presentation and communication skills of high school students who managed to work on their weaknesses and improve their performance in the finals.

AUM faculty encouraged students to think in a different and creative way and to maintain their enthusiasm because it is the reason for their excellence and brilliance.

Students take a step towards university life

After the jury examined all the projects and ideas, the winners of the competition were announced. Student Reem Al-Azmi won first place, Amna Ashkanani second place, and Deema Al-Shabak third place in the STARTAPP category. Winners of INNOVATE were students Ahmad Al-Dahi in first place, followed by Badreya Al-Abadi in second place, and Ahmad Al-Ansari third place.

Student Reem Al-Azmi from Bayan high school, stated that STARTAPP & INNOVATE gave her more confidence and allowed her to discuss her ideas with experts allowing her to further develop her idea and improve her app.

On the other hand, student Amnah Ashkanani from Aljabriya High school considered that the workshops conducted at AUM helped them build structure for their ideas, and helped them improve their individual skills and further motivated them to finding scientific and logical solutions to problems that society faces.

Dema aslhabak from Altahera high school, said experiencing university life at AUM was an opportunity for her to see the how her life would be at AUM, and that this experience was a way for her to further challenge herself.

Student Ahmad Al-Dahi from Jassem Al-kharafi high school expressed how proud he was for winning the competition and said that this will further motivate him to work on and improve his project and eventually one day make it a reality. Al-Dahi said he was impressed with his visit to AUM camput as he was not expecting the campus to be this big and equipped with such advanced technology.

Student Badreya Al-Abadi from Al-Sharqeya high School that the most important thing she gained from this experience is in the networking factor of the competition, as she got to meet students from different school with different innovative ideas allowing her to share her experience with others and gain knowledge from different participants.

Ahmed Al-Ansari, from Ahmed Al-Rubaie High School, said that the competition encouraged him for the next phase in his life and going to university as he aspires to establish his own company in the future.

Finally, students thanked the American University of the Middle East for this experience and confidence in their vision and aspirations, and for the support they were given to develop their capabilities.