AUM Honors Winners of the “GCC Robotics Challenge”

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) held an awards ceremony for eight students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology for winning the first and second place in the final stage of the 3rd GCC Robotics Challenge, held in Bahrain.

Secretary General of the Private Universities Council Dr. Habib Abul attended the ceremony where he commended the achievements of AUM students, stressing that the university has demonstrated excellence in the field of engineering and robotics, which helped students win many local and international competitions.

The “GCC Robotics Challenge” is a competition organized by one of the largest engineering institutions in the world; the “Institution of Engineering and Technology” (IET), in cooperation with the “Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers” (IEEE).

Abul applauded AUM for its contribution in raising the levels of education in Kuwait and the region. He also congratulated the students on winning the first and second place in the GCC Robotics Challenge, saying: “You have raised high the name of Kuwait, which is proud of you”.

Dr. Habib Abul wished students more progress and success in their field of expertise in order to serve their community and contribute to the development of Kuwait.

Fahad Al Othman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American University of the Middle East said during the ceremony: “Once again, and through the achievements of our students, we emphasize that an essential part of the American University of the Middle East educational mission is to increase our students’ self-confidence”.

“We are always keen to have our students participate in local, regional and international events and competitions to help them build character and develop their skills, proving that Kuwaiti students are as good as students coming from international background, which is proven by winning several international competitions in the past years”, he said.

He added: “One of the most important elements of success in life and work is self-confidence, and here lies the true message of education. If our ambition is to develop ourselves and improve our society in the future, we need to focus on positive things and improve our potential”.

Al Othman congratulated students on their success and wished them more achievements in the future.

The American University of the Middle East’s “SmarTeam” came in first place and included Electrical Engineering students Nouf Al-Ajmi, Fatemah AlDabbous, Sultan Ibraheem, Abdulrahman Qasem. AUM’s “RoboTeam” won second place and included students Muneerah Faraj (Industrial Engineering), Badreyah Farhan (electrical engineering), Shahad AlSharaf (Computer Engineering), and Nourah AlRasheedi (Computer Engineering).

The two teams competed against nine teams from “King Faisal University” and “Effat University” in Saudi Arabia, the “Military Technological College” and “Ibra College of Technology” in Oman, the “University of Bolton” in The United Arab Emirates, and “AMA International University” in Bahrain.