AUM Joins Babson Collaborative

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) has concluded an institutional affiliation agreement with Babson College, which is one of the most influential colleges in the world in the field of Entrepreneurship.

Under this agreement, AUM became a member of the Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education (The Collaborative), making it the first university in Kuwait to join this prestigious collaborative.


Thirty Educational Institutions from all over the world joining forces

Universities and colleges seeking to increase their capability and capacity in entrepreneurship education join forces under the Collaborative with a common belief that institutions acting together will achieve more than each working alone towards its entrepreneurial goals.

There are multiple benefits for the institutions that join the Babson Collaborative, among them are the following: faculty development through various trainings activities to stay at the forefront of entrepreneurship education and develop the ability to teach entrepreneurship using experiential and practice-based methods, affiliation and networking, student engagement opportunities, an exclusive online community, webinars, and an annual global summit.


Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at AUM

This new membership brings AUM one step closer in its efforts toward building its entrepreneurship education ecosystem through a wide range of initiatives available at the university such as the Engineering and Business Capstone Centers, the Business Consulting Center, and the Entrepreneurship Club.

The Entrepreneurship Club, conducting its activities within the Business Consulting Center, provides an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, where students cultivate their leadership skills through different events and activities. Students in the club participate in the development of a business, work on a business plan, and ideally implement their start-up. The Club helps its members in order to discover “the work that they were born to do” and become inspired entrepreneurs.

The Business Consulting Center at AUM aims at strengthening the entrepreneurship potential of students and alumni by providing consulting support for student projects in terms of generating, evaluating, and implementing students’ viable business ideas that had been identified in various courses at the College of Business Administration and the College of Engineering and Technology. The Center offers its services for both existing students and alumni.