AUM organizes its 1st Annual Business Administration Alumni Reunion

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) organized the first Annual Business Administration Alumni Reunion on Tuesday 4 December 2018, at AUM Cultural Center in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Fahad Al-Othman and faculty members.

During the reunion, Al-Othman talked about the challenges that graduates might face in the beginning of their careers.

“During all phases of life, listen to your inner voice so you can identify and set your priorities. Dream, work hard, take risks but do not be afraid and believe in your abilities to reach success”, Al-Othman said.

Al-Othman added: “The problem does not lie in making mistakes, but in not accepting them, and in surrendering to failure. Therefore, believe that all challenges and experiences are opportunities to benefit from”.

He left students with a message “AUM’s Story is not a typical success story but it stems from a deep and strong will to deliver the best. We want you to develop your skills, to progress and succeed because Kuwait depends on your efforts; you are the core of our society and its future”.

Students also expressed their feelings upon visiting their university and being reunited with their professors and colleagues.

Finance major graduate Omar Al Subaiti said: “It is a nice feeling to be back to AUM after a long time and to see your professors and colleagues again. I learned a lot at here, and I was able to establish my own company upon graduating. Today, when I hear about the university’s successes, I feel proud to be an AUM graduate”.

Basel Baroun, a Human Resources Management graduate, believed that this Event proves that alumni will always be an important part of AUM’s family. He added: “The University has made a major transformation in my life, especially at the professional level”.

Khaled Al Amari, a Marketing graduate, considered that this event is exceptional and said: “We miss life at AUM at all levels since it was a fundamental stage in our lives. I’m glad that we got the chance, as a first graduation batch, to witness the development of our university. Everything was different and today the campus is very huge and fully equipped by the latest technology and the university is a success story in Kuwait and the region”.

The finance graduate Mariam Al Mashmoum expressed her happiness to be among professors and friends. “Every corner in AUM carries a dear memory to our hearts. Our university graduates are very efficient; they have a variety of skills and abilities and they are persistent and can work under pressure. The most important thing I have learned at AUM is leadership”.

Mariam Dashti, a finance graduate, said that the university had a significant impact on students’ lives. “We have reached new milestones because of AUM, even if we are still at the beginning of our careers. We believe in our abilities and we will achieve our ambitions”, she added.

“Today AUM is one of the leading private universities in Kuwait and the region and we are proud of it as students and Kuwaitis”, said Noura Al-Qenaie, an accounting graduate.

Fatima Bou Nachi, who graduated from the accounting department, spoke about the latest programs and curricula offered by AUM to students, as well as the advanced centers and facilities that helped students to develop their personalities and empower their skills.

Following the event, AUM organized a dinner at AUM Cultural Center bringing together graduates and faculty members of the College of Business Administration.