AUM Secures UAAK Squash Championship Title for both Male and Female Categories

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) participated in the 2018 University Athletics Association of Kuwait (UAAK) squash championship hosted by AUM Sports Center with six private universities competing to win the title.

AUM players succeeded to reach the final games, and to win the first and second place in both male and female categories with Athbi Hamad coming first in male’s category followed by Ahmed AlTawari in second place, while Nourhan Hasan succeeded in winning the title in the female category followed by Farah AlSuraihi coming second.

AUM sports coach Liam Obrien said that AUM squash teams made a significant result in both categories for 2018 championship by securing the squash championship title for the third year in a row for male category, and for the second consecutive year for female category.