AUM Secures UAAK Table Tennis Male Championship Title for the 3rd Consecutive Year

Kuwait private universities participated in the 2018 University Athletics Association of Kuwait (UAAK) Table Tennis championship, with five universities competing to win the title.

The championship witnessed fierce competition among Kuwait’s top university players, with AUM winning first place in male’s category, and second place in female’s category.

AUM Accounting student Osman Al-Talaihi managed to reach the finals in the male’s category, and to beat his competitor in the final match. While AUM Telecommunications and Networking Technology student Khadeejah Abdulhadi came second in the female’s category.

AUM sports coach Liam Obrien commented on the championship saying: “As competition was heating up and players were eagerly striving to win, AUM student Othman AlTulaihi had an outstanding performance and managed to dominate the matches, securing a well-deserved title.”

“We put in a lot of efforts into winning the title, we offered a high level performance throughout the championship and we are very proud of this achievement,” said male championship winner, AUM student Osman Al-Talaihi.

Meanwhile, second place winner in female category Khadeejah Abdulhadi added: “Playing against Kuwait’s top university players took the competition to a different level, all teams showed high skills and determination to win, but AUM’s continuous support is a major reason behind our success”.

By winning, AUM secured the male Table Tennis Championship title for the third consecutive year.