AUM students visit Pediatric Surgery Department at “Ibn Sina” hospital

Within efforts to shape a generation of active citizens, the American University of the Middle East (AUM) organized a visit for its students to the pediatrics surgery department at “Ibn Sina” hospital in Kuwait city.

During the visit, AUM students expressed their support for children, playing with them and presenting them with gifts, as well as wishing them a speedy recovery.

Following the visit, Student Bibi AlGhanim, from the College of Engineering and Technologysaid that her best memory of this experience will be the joy manifested on the faces of children and their families upon receiving their student guests. She added: “our university has an essential and effective role in inspiring us to become socially responsible individuals in our society and country. This culture is instilled through activities similar to this one, which aim to motivate us towards taking more initiatives to give back to our community”.

On her part, Student Bodour AlQattan, from the College of Business Administration, noted that the experience was distinctive in many ways. “This kind of activity, organized by AUM, has a human dimension and helps us become active citizens in our community, it focuses on qualities such as commitment and responsibility towards others, it also develops our social and overall interpersonal skills”, she said.

Ever since its establishment, the concept of social responsibility and civic engagement has been a fundamental part of the American University of the Middle East’s mission. Therefore, this philosophy is instilled in the learning process to build a socially responsible generation.