AUM Students Win first places in the 9th IEOM Conference

Students from the American University of the Middle East (AUM) won first places during their participation in the 9th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), held in Bangkok, Thailand from 5 till 7 March 2019.

The conference was organized by IEOM Society International, in collaboration with the African Engineering Education Association (AEEA), the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) and the Society of Cost and Quality Engineers (SCQE), the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE), the Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers (PSIE), and BKSTI: Agency for Cooperation of Higher Education of Industrial Engineering in Indonesia.

AUM Industrial Engineering students competed in five competitions and won four first places and one-second place.

Students Ghalyah AlMutairi, Fatemah Mhaisen, Rawan AlHumaidi, Mariam AlAjran, and Hawraa AlBather presented their “Developing Green Supply Chains for New Kuwait: A Strategic Approach” project, in the Supply Chain competition, and won the first place.

In the Senior Capstone Design Poster competition, students Nour AlEnezi, Noor Khourshed, Dalal AlBeshaier, Sharifah AlKandari, and Rawan AlElaj won the first place on their project about “Expanding Central Craft Company”.

AUM students Fatemah AlKhozam, Rahaf AlAjmi, Shareefah Haji, Hebah AlEnezi and Muneerah AlMetlaqem also secured the first place in the Simulation competition, presenting their “Improving the Fabrication and Welding Workshop at Oil Company for Better Worker Performance by Using Digital Human Modeling and Simulation” project.

As for the Undergraduate Student Paper Competition, students Bader AlMutawa, Ali Issawy, Osama Ahmad, Samer El Khatib, and Abdullah AlHaj Hasan presented their project about “Using SPC & EPC Unified Framework to Improve Production Disruptions in Manufacturing Industry” and came in the first place.

Furthermore, students Nojoud AlMutairi, Fay AlDallal, Masturah AlRasheedi, Sarah AlShadad, and Muneerah AlShadad won the second place in the Undergraduate Research competition on their “Developing a Mobile Application for safety Engineers for Detailed Hazard analysis” project.

Professor Don Reimer, Director at IEOM Society International, highlighted the importance of IEOM conference, which provides students from around the world with an opportunity to engage in real life situations in the industrial engineering field and be part of it through their innovative projects and ideas. In addition, IEOM conference helps students strengthen several skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork in a real competitive environment different from classroom experiences.

He added that students at IEOM are competing globally because they are able to offer diverse ideas from different communities and societies around the world. He also pointed out that this year IEOM conference includes more than 450 paper that have been accepted out of 700 paper submitted by universities from 60 countries around the world such as: USA, UK, China, Japan, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Portugal, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Brazil, South Africa, KSA, UAE and Kuwait.

Reimer commented on AUM students’ win praising their commitment and hard work, pointing out that their preparations reflected a high academic level, and allowed them to compete and surpass other teams.

He concluded: “AUM faculty and students’ work is excellent and we encourage them to continue progressing and acquire more skills that will help them win any competition”.