AUM Wins 2-0 Against GUST in UAA Opening Match



Monday, November 10th 2014, the University Athletics Association (UAA) of Kuwait held its opening ceremony and opening match on AUM grounds. The ceremony and game were held in the AUM 1-star FIFA certified football field attended by a huge crowd of supporters. All local private universities and colleges participated in the opening ceremony which was hosted by Abdullah Dashti. UAA of Kuwait is a sport oriented competition between private local universities and colleges. The competition includes: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, squash, and swimming for both male and female competitors. The participating universities and colleges are: The American University of the Middle East (AUM), American University of Kuwait (AUK), Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), Arab Open University (AOU), American College of the Middle East (ACM), and the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK). This year is the first year the UAA of Kuwait is to be held and will be an annual competition between local private universities and colleges.

Former Al Arabi Club and Kuwait National Team player Mr. Mohammed Karam made a special appearance at the opening ceremony and delivered a speech as well. The ceremony was well broadcasted and attended by many. The ceremony ended with a wonderful display of fireworks proceeded with the opening game between AUM and GUST. The game lasted an hour and resulted in victory for AUM scoring 2 goals with a final score of 2-0. AUM supporters filled the stadium and cheered their players on.

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