The Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree requires a total of a 134 credit hours and a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00.

A minimum major CGPA of 2.00 in all CHE courses is required for graduation.

  • Chemical Engineering (CHE) Requirements (69 credit hours):
  • General Engineering Requirement (10 credit hours): Introduction to Engineering (4 credits) ENGR 131, ENGR 132 and 6 credits of Engineering Elective (please refer the Engineering Electives Section).
  • Mathematics Requirements (12 credit hours): MA 165, MA 166 and MA 261.
  • Science Requirement (15 credit hours): CHM 115, CHM 116, PHYS 172 and PHYS 241.
  • Liberal Arts Requirements (28 credit hours):
    • English Language and Communication Skills (10 credit hours): ENGL 100, ENGL 106 and COM 114 (Refer to the Liberal Arts Department section, Course Catalogue).
    • General Education Requirement (18 credit hours): Students must satisfy the requirements of the General Education as per the following conditions:
      1. Courses must be drawn from the following General Education areas at AUM: Speech and Communication, English Language and Literature, History, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Self-Development and Life Style, Culinary Arts, Ethics, Social Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Natural Sciences, Child Development and Family Studies, Economics, Philosophy, Other Languages, and Science, Technology and Society (please refer to Course Catalogue, General Education section).
      2. In order to ensure sufficient exposure to General Education topics, unless otherwise specified by the degree requirements of the academic major, the student cannot take more than 2 courses from the same area/sub-area as, as shown in the below tables:

        Area Maximum Courses to Take
        Speech and Communication 2
        English Language and Literature 2
        History 2
        Physical Education 2
        Culinary Arts 2
        Ethics 2
        Psychological Sciences 2
        Natural Sciences 2
        Child Development and Family Studies 2
        Economics 2
        Philosophy 2
        Other Languages 2
        Science, Technology and Society (STS) 2
        Area Sub-Area Maximum Courses to Take
        Fine Arts Arts and Design 2
        Theatre 2
        Music 2
        Fashion and Apparel Design 2
        Photography and Media 2
        Self-Development and Life Style       Academic and Career Skills Development 2
        Character and Leadership Skills Development 2
        Life Management Development 2
        Development of Thinking Skills 2
        Technology and Innovation 2


      4. Courses that are already required under other category than General Education requirement:
        1. cannot be considered as a General Education course;
        2. do not count towards the 2-course limit in General Education requirement.
Elective and Selective Courses
1. Chemical Engineering Selectives (15 credit hours):

Biology Selectives (3 credits)

To fulfill the Biology Selective, students may choose one of the following courses:

Mathematics Selectives (6 credits)

To fulfill the Math Selectives, students have to take following courses:

  • MA 265 Linear Algebra
  • MA 266 Ordinary Differential Equations

Chemical Engineering Electives (3 credits)

In addition to the required Chemical Engineering courses, students must choose 3 additional credit hours of Chemical Engineering courses. A list of eligible courses as determined by the faculty is included below. Chemical Engineering Electives MUST be selected from this list:

  • CHE 203 Process Equipment
  • CHE 214 Computer Application in Chemical Engineering
  • CHE 315 Environmental Control
  • CHE 330 Principles of Molecular Engineering
  • CHE 390 Petroleum Refining Technology
  • CHE 411 Chemical Engineering Science Research Problems
  • CHE 412 Chemical Engineering Design Research Problems
  • CHE 442 Chemistry and Engineering of High Polymers
  • CHE 461 Biomedical Engineering
  • CHE 463 Applications of Chemical Engineering Principles
  • CHE 475 Process Plant Simulation
  • CHE 480 Process Plant Safety
  • CHE 490 CHE Research Project
  • CHE 498 Undergraduate Thesis Research I
  • Any Chemical Engineering 500 level course

Technical Electives (3 credits)

Technical electives MUST be selected from this list.

  • Biochemistry – Any BCHM course
  • Biology – Any BIOL course 200 level and above
  • CHM 224 Introductory Quantitative Analysis
  • CHM 241 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHM 321 Analytical Chemistry I
  • CHM 333 Principles of Biochemistry
  • CHM 342 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHM 424 Analytical Chemistry II
  • Any Chemistry course above CHM 424
  • CS 159 Programming Applications for Engineers
  • Any Computer Science Course
  • Any course from the Engineering Elective List (below)
  • ACT 200 Introductory Accounting for Non-Business Majors
  • MA 301 Introduction to Proof Through Real Analysis
  • MA 375 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • MA 341 Foundations of Analysis
  • MA 353 Linear Algebra II with Applications
  • MA 362 Topics in Vector Calculus
  • NANO 101 Introduction to Nanotechnology
  • PHYS 322 Intermediate Optics
  • Any Physics course 300 or above any Statistics course 511 or above
2. Engineering Electives (6 credits)

While students may choose to take courses from Chemical Engineering to fulfill this requirement, the approved courses come from several engineering disciplines to provide students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of engineering concepts. A list of eligible courses as determined by the department is included below. Engineering Electives MUST be selected from this list.

  • CHE 201 Cooperative Seminar I (Chemical Engineering Internship course)
  • CHE 301 Cooperative Seminar II (Chemical Engineering Internship course)
  • CHE 401 Cooperative Seminar III (Chemical Engineering Internship course)
  • Any Chemical Engineering course from the Chemical Engineering Elective List (above)
  • IE 343 Engineering Economics
  • ME 440 Automotive Prime Movers: Green Engines and Clean Fuel
  • Any course from other engineering departments
3. General Education Electives (18 credits)

Kindly refer to the Liberal Arts Department section in the Course Catalogue.