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At AUM, we take pride in the values we instill in our graduates. Our passion for innovation, hard work and excellence has left an outstanding mark in the higher education sector.

At the essence of our culture is a love for knowledge and a courage to seek it wherever it may be. We believe that the key to our success in preparing generations of highly educated youth and wise leaders that will one day advance the country, lies in our human resources; faculty, management, and staff. Investing in our human resources is an investment in our youth, our future, and our nation. It is the engine that drives our vision.

As change is imminent in today’s world, we deploy our efforts in spreading a culture of inclusiveness, empowerment, and innovation, to garner greater competitive edge and build solid foundations that respond to our ethical responsibility in providing our students with the best academic tools for a better life.

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A career at AUM offers an opportunity to work with accomplished academic and professional colleagues from more than 40 different nationalities, offering one of the best remuneration packages across the globe and an opportunity for intellectual growth and career advancement.
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About Kuwait


  • Capital: Kuwait City
  • Area: 17,820 square kilometers (6,880 square miles)
  • Population: 4 million
  • Head of state: His Highness the Amir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
  • Languages: Arabic (Kuwaiti dialect). English is also commonly used.
  • Climate: It has a desert climate with dry, hot weather for the majority of the year.

Many of our faculty members come from different parts of the world. This is not strange as Kuwait is known for a large professional expat community, which makes it a cosmopolitan city in continuous transformation. As of 2017, Kuwait’s population is estimated to be around 4 million people, including around 70% of expatriates, making the country among the highest ratio of expatriates’ countries in the world.

Kuwait offers the comfort of an old culture with the advancement of an innovative, modern-day society. While the influence of Islamic and Arab Culture on Kuwait’s architecture, music, attire, cuisine and lifestyle is prominent, Kuwait boasts an extensive, modern and well-maintained network of highways. Since there is no railway system in the country, most of the people travel by cars. Bus services are provided by private company Citybus and state-owned Kuwait Public Transportation Corporation.

Food is an integral part of life in Kuwait. Tradition is followed by offering sumptuous varieties of Middle Eastern, Asian, and Western food. Traditional Kuwaiti cuisine includes Imawash, Machboos Diyay, Machboos Laham, Maraq Diyay Laham which borrows heavily from South Asian cuisine and Arab cuisine. Kuwait respects the laws of Islam and this translates into respecting fasting laws during the month of Ramadan.

The average annual rainfall in Kuwait is about 120 mm. During summer, temperatures can reach 50° C (120° F) in the shade. However, Kuwait like many Gulf states, relies extensively on air conditioning which makes summer heat bearable. You will need to pack warm clothes for winter as temperatures can drop to as low as 0° C.

The adult literacy rate is more than 96% as of 2017. Kuwait is directing its attention towards inclusive education, which provides opportunity to all children, irrespective of their social class, including children with special needs. Kuwait education system has been marked by several achievements in recent years.

Places to visit in Kuwait include the Mirror House, Fish Market, Souk Al-Mubarakiya, the Grand Mosque, the Kuwait House of National Works Museum, the Kuwait National Museum, Sadu House, Bait Al-Othman Museum. In addition to many shopping and boutique malls.