The core objective of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is to upgrade and add value to the current undergraduate curriculum by expanding and emphasizing the portion of practical applications of business concepts through the use of case studies, projects, and problem based lectures that would further sharpen manager’s leadership skills.

Program Learning Goals Measurable Learning Objectives
Entrepreneurial mindset
Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset in identifying, assessing, and acting on opportunities
1. Identify the challenges associated with launching and operating a sustainable new venture
2. Plan the initiation of new ventures by recognizing opportunity
Multicultural and global business perspective
Students will be able to make informed business decisions in a multinational context
3. Exhibit a multicultural perspective in responding to contemporary business challenges
4. Analyze cross-country and cross-cultural issues when developing a business strategy
Ethics and corporate social responsibility
Students will be able to implement the ethical standards in management
5. Assess the impact of ethical issues on different stakeholders
6. Evaluate ethical complexities in a business environment
Leadership and teamwork
Students will exhibit advanced knowledge and skills in business leadership
7. Demonstrate the knowledge of the practices of effective leadership
8. Propose courses of action that leaders can take in setting business strategies
Critical thinking
Students will be able to solve complex business problems
9. Evaluate credibility of data and sources in decision-making
10. Integrate different management theories
Advanced business knowledge
Students will develop advanced knowledge in different business areas
11. Demonstrate advanced knowledge in management, accounting, finance, and marketing
Career Opportunities

An MBA graduate may pursue a career in areas of management, finance, accounting, economics, or marketing. Additionally, the program offers a unique entrepreneurial experience and thus opening the doors to individual startup orientation. MBA graduates will be qualified to work in all industries, not-for-profit and government entities.