Homecoming at AUM

On November 27 and 28, over 500 alumni returned to campus during the alumni reunion event at the AUM Cultural Center, in the presence of the University President Dr. Georges Yahchouchi and faculty members.

During the reunion, Dr. Yahchouchi talked about how everything at AUM is done with a lot of attention and passion to provide students with a life-changing learning experience.

“As you walk today around the campus, you see AUM expanding and what you get to witness is just the tip of the iceberg. There is an invisible part that you do not get to see, yet you get to sense its impact“, Dr. Yahchouchi said.

Dr. Yahchouchi also highlighted the importance of alumni in the success of the university: “John Kennedy once said and it is still 100% relevant today: ‘The success of any school or college can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our nation.’ ” He also expressed his confidence that AUM graduates will contribute to achieving the vision of the state of Kuwait and the prosperity of its society.

Dr. Shqipe Rashiti, Associate Professor – College of Business Administration, said during her speech, “this event revives many cherished memories for all of us here today; it reflects your commitment for excellence in education and our commitment in helping you fulfill your potential”

Dr. Taha Beyrouthy, Associate Professor – College of Engineering and Technology, talked about how students and graduates are behind the remarkable success of AUM. He also added, “You are an integral part of the AUM family, and you are a constant reminder of the great mission that AUM is here to fulfill”

The reunion saw our alumni recollecting old memories and making new ones while catching up with each other and with their professors after a long time. They also highlighted the important role the university played in their lives equipping them with the necessary skills to excel, especially at the professional and social levels. The alumni advised students to set their priorities and stay dedicated and committed to their goals.

Following the event, AUM organized interactive activities and a dinner at the Cultural Center for alumni, faculty and staff.