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AUM Library is a welcoming knowledge entrenched facility that encourages research and the dissemination of scholarly information and ideas. It provides extensive information resources and services to support the instructional programs and educational goals of the University.

To achieve these goals, AUM Library provides a rich collection of print and electronic resources focusing on course-related information and supplemental resources. The textbook collection contains both print and e-books linked to programs offered at AUM, and numerous online databases for research with on-campus and off-campus access.

AUM Library provides a variety of information resources including printed books, audiovisual materials, online databases, journals and magazines, e-books, e-journals, and case studies.

The objectives of the Library:
  • To assist students, faculty, and staff in accessing library resources and retrieving information in an effective and efficient manner;
  • To support a functional and welcoming physical space for students and staff;
  • To provide a range of books, periodicals, e-resources, and other media at differing educational levels dependent on student requirements and the needs of the institution;
  • To establish a state-of-the-art resources and facilities center that responds and adapts to academic and research needs;
  • To provide innovative, responsive and effective services to meet the ever-growing needs of the faculty and student body.
The AUM Library also offers a variety of proactive information resources including:
  • Information Gateway (Library Website): AUM Library has its own single gateway to access all Library resources & services from one point; (find it here)
  • Circulation Service: Our circulation service provides issue/return/renewal/ reservation services for students to ensure they make the most of the library resources. We also give ready reference services to its users;
  • Book Section: Contains over 6.000 printed books, in all subject areas offered by the university, out of which around 2000 books are in the field of mathematics, engineering and technology, as well as the Reference collection;
  • Periodicals: Library has its own subscriptions of more than 41 printed peer reviewed journals/magazines, which users can refer to current news updates, scholarly research articles, and other forms of periodicals. A Majority of these subscriptions are also available electronically;
  • E-Resources: The library is subscribed to over 40 online services each providing access to multiple academic databases and digital resources, which cover: 29 databases of Journals, dissertations, conference proceedings and other periodicals, 10 databases dedicated to electronic books and references, 15 databases providing tens of millions of citation and abstract records, 2 video databases, 3 news databases and a dozen of other digital resources offering research tools, dictionaries and reference materials. Faculties and students currently have access to more than 700 000 e-books and 75000 e-journals. In the field of engineering, the library subscribes to the most relevant resources such as: IEEE proceedings, books and journals, Compendex – Engineering Village, Knovel, Science Direct and SpringerLink;
  • Computer Lab: Our well-equipped computer lab provides students with access to all online resources subscribed to by the Library. The Library is equipped with over 180 computers that are freely accessible for the patrons to access all subscribed online resources;
  • OPAC: Patrons can search for AUM Library resources such as books, journals and other resources through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) on the AUM Library website. AUM Library online public access catalog allows patrons to check availability status of library resources, including books and journals and provides them with personal accounts where they can overview the items they have checked out and the overdue items. (find it here)