“Pink October” Awareness Campaign

On the occasion of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, AUM organized an awareness campaign on campus as part of its annual efforts to create alertness on the preventive measures one can take.

Because early detection can help fight the disease, the event was organized in coordination with one of the most renowned hospitals in Kuwait. It included interactive activities and lectures explaining the causes of the disease and the preventive measures one can take, with emphasis on early detection and screening methods.
The university also hosted a dietitian to give the AUM community tips on a healthy diet that helps prevent the disease, and a nurse to train students on self-examination among other important prevention methods. The students also conducted immediate checkups for vital indicators such as pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc.

Promoting a culture of health and wellbeing for its students and everyone on campus has always been at the center of all social responsibility initiatives undertaken by the university. Such initiatives also come at a time when the latest statistics show that the breast cancer mortality rate in Kuwait is higher than the global average due to late detection.