Research Resources at AUM

As a further empowerment of the research potentials of the faculty members, AUM offers its faculty members a generous annual grant for conferences attendance and research funding. The grant aims at maintaining the knowledge of the faculty members at the cutting edge of sciences, supporting them to conduct research and ensuring the continuous release of research outcomes. AUM contributes to the professional excellence of the faculty members in their specialized areas and accordingly adds clear value to the educational component it offers.
Beside the AUM Library and the access to high profile on-line academic databases, the AUM campus hosts several lab facilities. At AUM, research and faculty development related seminars and workshops are being continuously conducted at all university and departments’ levels, which serves in communicating research initiatives as well as discussion of specialized research topics. Examples of conducted seminars are; the “Project Based Learning” and “Learner Centered Approach”. A regular follow up on conferences and research related events taking place globally is conducted to ensure solid involvement into the latest discoveries and approaches in relevant disciplines. AUM plans to host specialized forums and conferences in the recent future.