The American University of the Middle East Sets a New Regional Record at the “RobotChallenge” Competition in China

Students from the College of Engineering and Technology at the American University of the Middle East (AUM) achieved an unprecedented reginal record in the 15th edition of the “RobotChallenge” competition held at the Beijing University of Science and Technology in China from 10 to 12 August 2018. This competition is organized annually by the Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences (INNOC) in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science.

“RobotChallenge” is an international platform that promotes the exchange of ideas and innovations among participants and experts. It aims to encourage new talents to develop their abilities in science and research, by working in the fields of informatics, electronics, mechanics and artificial intelligence.

The event brought together 2288 participants from 223 institutions, including universities from 30 different countries such as the United States of America, Germany, France, Austria, China, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The contestants set up 1478 robots to compete before a judicial panel including 445 referees.

The American University of the Middle East was represented by students: Rand Younis (Computer Engineering), Razan Al Far (Computer Engineering), Mohammad Baalbaki (Electrical Engineering), Alaa AlHarbi (Electrical Engineering), Badreyah Farhan (Electrical Engineering), Ahmed Moustafa (Mechanical Engineering) and Mahdi AlFaraj (mechanical engineering), who competed in 11 challenges, under the supervision of their professors Dr. Samer Alkork, Dr. Sherif Said and Dr. Mohammad Abdolmaleki.

AUM students won the gold and bronze medals in the “Remote Air Race”, which involved 22 teams from China, Korea, Poland, Thailand, Latvia, Mexico and Kuwait. The students also won the silver medal in the “Autonomous Drone” competition in which 8 teams from Germany, China, and Kuwait competed, and the silver medal in the “Line Follower Adult” competition in which 12 teams from China, Egypt and Kuwait competed.

By winning a gold medal, two silver medals and a bronze medal in this competition, AUM students set a new regional record that was never achieved before by any institution from the GCC and Mena region since the launch of “RobotChallenge” competition in 2004.