“The Universe of Biometrics as a Promising Smart Technology” at AUM

The American University of the Middle East hosted on Monday, October 29, 2018 the Director of Biometrics Group and Head of the International Master of Biometrics at the Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University (UPEC), Professor Amine NAIT-ALI, who presented a lecture titled “The Universe of Biometrics as a Promising Smart Technology: Human Face Analysis vs. Artificial Intelligence Analysis”.

The lecture that took place in the AUM cultural center was attended by students and faculty from the College of Engineering and Technology.

During the lecture, Professor NAIT-ALI explored another point of view of biometrics by considering the huge potential of artificial intelligence based biometrics in different fields, including security, healthcare and smart systems. Human-Machine Interaction was highlighted in particular through some advanced computer vision and Machine-Learning face analysis techniques, considering, as an example, digital face ageing and de-ageing.

Moreover, Professor NAIT-ALI’s presentation included many illustrations and demonstrations showing the socio-economic impact of smart biometrics, used for education purpose, for person’s assistance, or even for entertainment.

Following the lecture, Professor NAIT-ALI praised AUM for its high tech facilities and the knowledge and expertise of its students in the artificial intelligence field. “It was a great experience to be at AUM today. I was impressed by the students’ standards, they asked me very interesting questions on important topics, which reflects their levels of interests and shows that they have creative ideas and projects”, he said.

He added: “Biometrics can be use in different fields such as security, healthcare, sport, mechanics, etc. so students can do studies and define priorities in their community and use biometrics for its development”.